New Flavors Now Available!

August 07, 2016

We spent the last six months taste testing hundreds of flavor concoctions searching for the most exquisite and delectable flavors we could possibly come up with.  Now, we bring to you the very best of the best.  Enjoy!

- Trinity – Fresh raspberries and guava finished with a hint of rose syrup
- Tempus Fugit – Rich, dark chocolate with a hint of bright pomegranate and a surprise splash of lime
- Blue Vango – Sweet blueberry, tangy mango, and a kiss of old fashioned violet candy
- Manakai Meltdown – Pina Colada kicked up a notch with mango and lime
- Chocolate Grasshopper – A barista mocha with a drizzle of peppermint syrup
- Raspberry Mocha Whip – Moist raspberry cake with mocha icing
- Dear Snoogle – Cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, guava and lots of love!
- Hello Gorgeous – A light, sweet fruit flavor featuring blueberry, guava, and mandarin
- Marmarita – Mediterranean Sea medley of exotic fruits drizzled with honey
- Zen Cloudscape – The ultimate mellow vape, a mixture of jasmine green tea and heavenly honeydew
- A Kiss Goodnight – The sweet romance of chocolate covered strawberries
- Southern Belle – Earl Grey tea and sweet, Georgia peaches with a squeeze of lemon
- Northern Lights – A trio of sweet, ripe melons lit up by a burst of arctic menthol
- Love Letter to Fiji – Sweet nectar of passion fruit, fresh orange juice, ripe mango, a hint of coconut, and a slash of lime
- Pie-o-My – The luscious love child of an apple pie and a fig newton
- Mayan Mocha – Chocolate and espresso laced with a hint of cinnamon
- Pineapple Party Animal – Pineapple and brown sugar mix up the classic mojito
- Cantaloupe Crush — Artificial flavors just can’t compete with this pure, ripe cantaloupe flavor
- The Jet Set – Sweet, delicious coffee to get your engines revving
- Black Velvet – An ultra smooth boutique tobacco extraction
- Caramellatto – A crave inducing, caramelized cup of Italian coffee
- Golden Ticket – Skip the dessert and try this candy bar remix of peanut clusters smothered in caramel and dark chocolate
- Swan Song – Some flavors are just made for each other: creamy vanilla, sweet honey, and a shot of espresso round out our final new flavor of 2016.