Celebrities Vaping Virgin Vapor!

February 01, 2014

Virgin Vapor's ultra premium line of organically flavored e-liquids has some fans among Hollywood celebrities!  Check out our celebrity vaping photo gallery:

AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys tries Virgin Vapor's Kona Velvet Milkshake.  AJ was already a Virgin Vapor fan after trying some of our e-liquids at a local Hollywood vape shop!

Corey Feldman loved our sparkly bling batteries!

Derek Deese of the San Francisco 49ers loved Virgin Vapor's Vanilla Latte:

Lou Diamond Phillips was excited to make the switch to vaping:

Jerry Mathers from "Leave It to Beaver" loved his Virgin Vapor goodies:

Neil Flynn from "Scrubs" picked up two starter kits!

Leslie David Baker who plays Stanley on the hit show "The Office" couldn't get enough of Virgin Vapor's Hunger of Persephone:

Jim McMahon of the Chicago Bears loved Virgin Vapor's Plum Crazy:

Keith Powell from "30 Rock" was excited about his starter kit!

Ron Cey  of the Los Angeles Dodgers was delighted with our Celestial Honeydew flavor: