Troubleshooting: My Battery Won't Work

June 03, 2013

If you're having trouble getting your battery to work, there is likely an easy fix.  Literally 90% of the batteries customers return to us as "defective" are, upon inspection, found to be completely operational!  Battery failures can be frustrating so please read through this checklist to help you locate and fix the problem.

1.)  Is your battery charged?

If your battery is charged, for most models the battery button will light up when pressed.  If the light does not come on, plug your battery in to give it a chance to charge up.

2.)  Is your battery turned on?

If your battery is charged and the battery button is still not lighting up when pressed, your battery may be switched off.  Batteries come with an ON/OFF safety feature that allows you to fully deactivate them to prevent accidental discharge in your purse, pocket or luggage.  To turn your battery on or off, press the battery button five times in quick succession (within a few seconds).  The battery light will blink indicating the unit has been turned on or off.

3.)  Has the center post been pushed in too far, preventing contact with your cartomizer?

This is an extremely common issue.  If you screw your cartomizer or charger into your battery with too much force, it can push the central tube of your battery down causing it to lose contact with your cartomizer.  

To fix this issue, look closely at the threaded end of your battery.  You will see a round disc in the center of this end.  This is the center post.  Use a thumb tack, paperclip or similar object.  Stick it in between the center post and the battery threads and gently raise the center post.


To prevent this issue, always be gentle when screwing a cartomizer or charger on to your battery.

4.)  Does your battery connection need to be cleaned?

Overtime, e-liquid can build up in the threaded end of your battery.  This can prevent your battery from making a connection with your cartomizer or your charger.  It's a good idea to clean your battery on a weekly basis.  

To clean your battery, use a cotton swab (Q-tip).  Dipping the cotton swab in rubbing alcohol makes this even more effective.

If none of these suggestions work, please contact customer service for help!  You can reach us at: