Vision Ego Starter Kit: Assembly and Use

May 28, 2013

Follow this simple tutorial to assemble and fill your Vision Ego starter kit.

Your kit comes with two batteries, two Vision Ego cartomizers, a USB cord, a wall plug and a 4 mL bottle of e-liquid:

First you will want to fill your Vision Ego.  The Vision Ego comes with a built in black mouth piece:

Unscrew the mouthpiece from the unit:

You are now ready to fill the cartomizer with e-liquid:

When filling, you want to drip e-liquid into the cartomizer on the sides while avoiding getting e-liquid in the central tube:

Use the glass dropper that comes with Virgin Vapor's e-liquids, a syringe, or any method you prefer to fill the cartomizer up to the 1.6 mL mark:

Replace the black mouthpiece:


Set the unit aside for a couple minutes to allow the wicks to become thoroughly soaked in e-liquid.   Make sure your battery is charged and ready to use.  To charge your battery, screw it onto the USB cord:

Plug the other end of the USB cord into any USB port to charge:

If you'd prefer to charge via a regular wall outlet, plug the USB cord into your wall charger instead:

Once your battery is charged, screw your Vision Ego onto the battery threads:

Be sure your battery is turned on.  Your battery comes with an on/off safety feature that allows you to deactivate the battery for storage or transportation and to prevent accidental firing in your purse or pocket.  When in the "OFF" position, your battery will not work.  To turn your battery "ON" or "OFF," click the battery button five times in quick succession (within about 3 seconds):

You are now ready to vape!  As you inhale, press the battery button and enjoy!


Don't hesitate to contact us at: for help with any questions you might have!