The Kanger ProTank: Assembly and Use

May 23, 2013

Follow this photo tutorial for detailed instructions on how to disassemble, install replacement heads and fill your Kanger ProTank with e-liquid.

Open your ProTank package:

You'll see that the package contains your Kanger ProTank, a spare replacement head and a stainless steel cone:

Start by removing the silicone cover from the mouthpiece of your Kanger ProTank:

Next, turn the unit upside down:

Unscrew the base of the unit and remove it:

The base of the unit is made up of two pieces, the metal base and the replaceable head.

To switch out the replaceable head, unscrew it from the base and replace it with a fresh head:

To fill the Kanger ProTank with e-liquid, set aside the base and hold the main body of the unit upside down:

When you fill the body with e-liquid, you want to fill on all sides while avoiding getting e-liquid in the central tube:

Using the glass dropper that comes with your Virgin Vapor e-liquid, a syringe, or whatever method you prefer, fill your ProTank with e-liquid until it reaches a little bit below the top edge of the glass:

Replace the base of the unit:

Next, attach the cone that came with your ProTank to the threads of your favorite battery.  The ProTank works on all 510 threaded eGo batteries including our Ego Twist batteries (pictured in stainless steel) and all of our designer batteries:


Attach your ProTank to the battery:

You're ready to vape: