New Product: Kona Velvet Milkshake Organic E-liquid

October 26, 2011

I am especially pleased to introduce my latest flavor: Organic Kona Velvet Milkshake E-liquid.  My Organic Kona Coffee Milkshake has been one of my most popular flavors since it's introduction and I've had a number of customers begging me to create some new milkshake flavors.  Much tinkering in my e-liquid kitchen later, I finally have a new flavor that I can't put down!  This flavor has a nice, strong shot of Kona Espresso with velvety notes of rum, butter, and ice cream in a creamy milkshake base.  I knew I had hit the mark when non-vaping friends started grabbing my electronic cigarette out of my hand to taste the delicious aroma they could smell me vaping! 

I hope you enjoy this newest flavor as much as I do!