Do Virgin Vapor Organic E-liquids Need Steeping?

October 08, 2011

This is a question I am asked quite often.  Steeping involves letting an e-liquid age to allow the flavors to mix, blend, ripen and mature, much like a fine wine gets better with time.  Steeping time can last anywhere from a day to three or more weeks for maximum flavor richness. 

Steeping will not magically transform a flavor that you just don't care for, but it will enrich and deepen one that you love or improve a flavor from good to great.  The balance of flavors in an e-liquid can also change over time, making one taste come to the front while another becomes more delicate.  Steeping generally makes a flavor richer, deeper, more luscious.  The difference can be subtle, but worth it!  If you have a flavor that you love in a larger bottle size, you may notice that it seems like it just keeps getting better over time.  This is the magic of steeping!

A few steeping tips: in my experience, selecting a blend that contains PG can lessen the need for steeping because propylene glycol is a better flavor carrier than VG.  100% VG e-liquids will benefit more from a couple extra days to steep. 

To steep or not to steep is really a personal choice.  Most of my flavors taste good right out of the box.  If you like the way a flavor tastes, go ahead and use it!  But if you can give it a little time, it might just get even better! 

Happy vaping!