How to Get Started Once You Receive Your Joye 510 Starter Kit

August 29, 2011

Congratulations on your purchase of your new Joye 510 Starter Kit! Here is some information to help you get started.

What’s in my starter kit?

The Joye 510 starter kit contains two batteries (longer cylinders), two atomizers (shorter cylinders), a charger unit with cord, and a five pack of cartridges.  The cartridges come pre-filled from the factory and contain a tobacco flavored e-liquid.  If you purchased a Deluxe or Ultimate Starter Kit or a pack of empty cartridges, these cartridges are empty and ready to be filled with your choice of e-liquid.  NOTE:  The pre-filled cartridges DO NOT contain organic e-liquid.

How do I get started?

You will need to charge your batteries.  E-cigarette batteries work much like a cell phone battery.  It is best to give each battery a good, long, eight hour charge the first time.  Plug the power cord into the charging unit and screw the battery into the other end of the unit.  When you plug it into an outlet, the charging unit will display a red light.  After an hour or so, the light will turn green.  This is normally the indication that your battery is charged and ready for use, but for the very first charge, leave the battery plugged in for eight hours or overnight.
You are now ready to assemble your Joye 510.

Assembly and Use:

Screw the charged battery into the threaded end of the atomizer.  Now insert a full cartridge into the open end of the atomizer.  (Note: the plastic tips that are on the atomizer when you receive your kit are blanks.  The cartridges for use have a filling inside to hold the e-liquid.  Make sure you are using one of these.)  Press the button on the battery as you inhale.

IMPORTANT:  The first time you use a new atomizer, puff a few times without inhaling.  All atomizers come from the factory with a coating of primer fluid to keep them from drying out.  Puffing without inhaling will vaporize this fluid in a minute or two–otherwise you will taste a burnt, chemically taste.

You want to keep you cartridge topped off so that the atomizer doesn’t dry out and singe the wick.  Keep checking the level of e-liquid in the cartridge until you get a feel for how often you need to top off.  To top off, just drip a few drops of e-liquid into the cartridge.

How do I care for my Joye 510?

The Joye 510 doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.  You can wipe it down with an alcohol wipe to clean off any residual e-liquid.  And it’s good to clear your atomizer from time to time to extend its life.  If the atomizer is making a bubbling noise or stops producing as much vapor, this is often a sign that it needs clearing.  It’s a good practice to clear your atomizer at least a few times a week and ideally once per day.

To clear your atomizer, simply unscrew it from the battery, remove the cartridge, and blow through the large, open end for a minute or two.  You’ll want to have a tissue covering the other end to collect any e-liquid that clears out.

You can also give your atomizer a deep clean from time to time.  This will help extend its life and clear any residual flavors when you want to switch to a new flavor of e-liquid.  Many flavors of e-liquid taste fine when mixed, so you can often switch flavors without cleaning your atomizer.  However, strong or powerfully flavored e-liquids such as licorice or menthol may not go well with your next flavor selection.  A deep cleaning can help.

To deep clean your atomizer, fill it will hot water and blow the hot water through.  Do this a couple of times.  You can also place it in a bath of vodka or other high proof alcohol and let it sit for a few minutes.  Then shake off excess liquid and blow through the large end of the atomizer into a tissue for a minute or two.  Let the atomizer dry out overnight.

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