Care of Your Joye 510 Atomizer

August 29, 2011

The Joye 510 doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. However, to keep your atomizer working at its best and to extend its life, you will want to clean it from time to time.

Every couple of days, remove the battery and cartridge from the atomizer. Blow through the larger end of the atomizer while holding a tissue over the other end to catch expelled e-liquid. Do this for several minutes until you can feel that there is no more e-liquid clogging the air flow. This will keep your atomizer working easily and prevent build up of e-liquid.

When this method doesn’t restore your atomizer’s performance, it’s time for a deep cleaning! A deep cleaning aims to remove any build up in the atomizer. Soak the atomizer in water overnight. You can also use purified alcohol or vodka. Then blow through it as before, wipe it down, and let it dry out completely while sitting with the larger opening down.

Another method that sometimes helps is to do a dry burn. That is, to puff through the atomizer while it does not have any e-liquid inside of it. Puff through the atomizer with only the battery but not the cartridge attached. Be careful not to burn your lips or to do this for too long, as it may singe the wick inside of the atomizer. A few good puffs can burn off any build up on your atomizer.

Despite the best of care, atomizers do eventually die and need to be replaced. Make sure to keep a replacement on hand!