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Our customers love us!  Here are some unsolicited testimonials posted in public forums or sent to us by our happy customers:

"The support I received regarding steeping and usage recommendations was just as outstanding as the juice I put the recommendations to use on. Elizabeth responded to my request in a timely fashion providing me with a link to one of Annette's blog posts on the subject (which I had somehow missed) as well as offering additional pointers which I could tell were based upon personal experience. In a world filled with choices for the costumer your combination of a superior product and expert support have earned my respect and loyalty and you can count on my continued patronage as well as glowing word of mouth praise. (If you ever decide to discontinue Snake Bite please let me know and I will buy and cellar all that I can afford!) I hope to cross paths with members of your team at West coast vaping events so that I can thank you in person."  Customer response via our new customer service platform, 3/19/14

"Love virgin vapors!! Im new to vaping but have tried several different brands of liquid and this is by far the BEST out there. I got the melon one and OMG its amazing.. I orginally got it in a sample pack along with peach and watermelon, which are awesome as well but I just ordered a big bottle of the melon today. I cant wait to get it. Also ordered 2 more sample packs. They are so nice. I don't have to spend money on something I may not like!! Customer service is amazing!  Keep up the good work!" Customer E-mail, 3/18/14

"The Absolute Virgin, three flavor sampler I ordered was fantastic.
Customer service has been responsive and highly knowledgeable.
I can tell I will be a repeat customer, spreading the good experience to my fellow vapers.
Keep it up, Virgin Vapor!"  Customer E-Mail, 3/14/14

"I received my order this morning, and my oh my. This company rules. Bomb flavors, amazing vapor, quality packaging, and glass bottles? HELL YEAH! Keep up the amazing work and there will be yet another life long customer from me. Cheers." Customer E-Mail, 2/27/14

"Just got my order in the mail today, and this is awesome I got a three pack of samplers, and can't wait to order more. My husband wants his own vaporizer after trying it just once! We are fans for life now, thanks so much for providing a 100% organic way to enjoy "smoking", I can't wait to place my next order." Customer E-mail, 2/25/14

"Thank you so much for the prompt service. The last order I received was amazing, you have a customer for life. I cant wait to try all of your flavors so far you guys have been amazing all around. I just can't say enough." Customer E-mail, 2/3/14

"Just a little email written in a bad english (of course, I'm French ;o)) to say congratulations and thank you for your products!  I was looking for good organics juices and first ordered pillow dream, organic shell shocked, organic sin, hazelnut, cream caramel.  I am a member of a french forum and decided to review your products because they deserve to be known! so I just made it and I hope this is going to bring you new french customers!  Well congratulations again and good luck for your nice business."  Customer E-mail, 2/2/14

"I just wanted to say that I am highly satisfied with my recent order of Vanilla Latte liquid it truly tastes like I am drinking coffee and it blows me away. Keep up the DAMN good work :)"  Customer E-mail, 1/29/14

"I am writing this note just to say thank you for the outstanding products that you have shipped me.  I have tried many different ejuices and cannot find ones that compare to your products.  I am a restaurant owner as well as a chef and taste is very important to me as well as safety.  I find that your juices are clean tasting as well as they hit the flavor mark for me.  I have just placed another order which makes three in three weeks.  Thank you again for the outstanding quality and I look forward to contuinuing shopping with you."  Customer E-mail, 1/24/14

"Got your e-liquids 2 days ago and Oh boy they taste like heaven! From now on i am going to get all my e-liquids from Virgin Vapor. Be sure i will tell my friends about your store.  Thanks from happy guy in Sweden =)" Customer E-mail, 1/11/14

"I have tried a lot of your liquids, and there are very few I didn’t like, and many that I love and order repeatedly.  You guys have such a great selection, and your weekly deal gets me to try new stuff now that I have some flavors I get regular.  I saw your message about getting some more folks working since you’ve been so busy, and am glad to hear that.  I recently saw a few suppliers go out of business with all the pressure that is on the vaporizer community and industry.  Please never stop making eliquid.  If everyone else had to close up shop and you guys were still around, I would be ok." Customer E-Mail, 11/25/13

"I don't usually write to companies, but after trying many, many e liquid vendors/manufacturers, I have to give credit where credit is due. I have never had such unbelievably pure flavor; in fact, I didn't think it was possible for e liquid to be so enjoyable. I don't know if it's because it's organic or high quality, but Virgin Vapors can't be beaten in terms of flavor, quality, and vapor production. Please don't change anything!" Customer E-mail, 6/11/13

"The team at Virgin Vapor was quick to respond to my inquiry, thorough in the information they provided, and polite to boot. That's not an easy find in the online or face-to-face market these days."  Erik - South Carolina, 10/17/12

"Annette, thank you so much for everything! You all truly have the best customer service of anyone I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! Your attention to customer needs, speedy response and delivery, and overall care for my situation has been top notch and as a result, you have gained my loyalty as a customer. I will be coming back again and again. I will be referring all of my vaping friends to Virgin Vapor. By the way the custom flavor you blended me is great and super clean tasting. I hope you hang on to the recipe card so I can order again. Thank you again for all of your help!" --Eric via e-mail, 4/23/12

"Let me just say that you are completely awesome. I am so overwhelmed by your e-liquid's wonderful, clean taste. You blow every other e-liquid manufacturer out of the water. And that's saying something because I have tried a LOT of vendors." Joey Monson via e-mail, 10/4/11

"i have to give thanks were its due. just wanted to comment that I have received better customer service from Virgin Vapors than any internet business i have dealt with. I also have received, imo, the best liquids i have found yet. Thank you Annette for all your hard work and expertise." 9/25/11 

"My plan to hold off and use up my big stash (from other suppliers) before ordering more Virgin Vapor has failed. Darn. I find these Virgin Vapor juices so tasty and potent that nothing else quite measures up after a week of comparison. And as far as adding a PG option, I can only suggest that folks try the current VG line first. With the ability to request personal mixing prefs, I'm in heaven. The organic purity is icing on the cake. End of sermon."

"... as everybody else stated Virgin Vapor is one of the best vendors to come across. service and communications are excellent, shipping is as prompt as can be. the juice is clean and clear. great vapor and throat hit and the flavor is distinct."

"I have to say that so far this is my best experience with trying a new vendor & new flavors to date! I will be ordering from Virgin Vapor again for SURE!!"

"I wish you all the best in your business venture. I think you have a great thing going here and I look forward to spending more time with these juices. Great quality and great service. Keep it up!" 

Want to see more testimonials? Come visit the Virgin Vapor sub forum on the Electronic Cigarette Forum to see more testimonials from our happy customers!

And here are just some of our product reviews:

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