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Organic Forbidden Fig E-liquid

Organic Forbidden Fig E-liquid


This mouth watering flavor tastes like luscious, ripe figs!  Fresh, sweet and delicious!  This flavor is priced slightly higher than the other Absolute Virgin e-liquids due to the incredibly high cost of this amazing flavor.

Ingredients : certified organic, USP (pharmaceutical grade) vegetable glycerin, certified organic flavors, distilled water.  Pharmaceutical grade nicotine and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol if requested.


Our Absolute line of e-liquids are made using organic flavors certified under U.K. organic standards. They are all pure extractions from fruits, flowers, vegetables and nuts (any flavor that includes nuts is noted on the product page for those with nut allergies). Unlike the Virgin Vapor line, these flavors do not contain alcohol or additives of any kind. They are pure flavor extractions created by a proprietary, multi-stage technology that produces flavors that are true to life, because you are actually tasting fresh fruit, flowers, coffee beans or nuts! They are extremely potent, highly concentrated, genuine flavors, resulting in very pure e-liquids that contain no colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives and are also vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and soy-freeThese precious flavor essences make our e-liquids an amazing delight to the senses!

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not use this flavor in plastic tanks!   Generally speaking, cola, cinnamon and citrus flavors can interact with certain types of plastic.  We always put a note on the product page of any flavors we know can cause these problems but not all e-liquid or tank manufacturers will warn you in advance so please be aware.

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