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The EVOD BCC: Assembly and Use

Follow this photo tutorial for detailed instructions on how to disassemble, install replacement heads and fill your EVOD BCC with e-liquid.


The BCC in EVOD BCC stands for "bottom coil cartomizer."  This means that the coils and wicks are located at the bottom of the unit.


Turn the unit upside down:


And unscrew the base of the unit:


The base is actually made up of two pieces: the metal base itself and the replaceable head. 


To replace the head, unscrew it from the base:


If you look closely at the replaceable head, you can see the ohms rating inscribed in the metal (check out our blog post on ohms ratings if you need help with ohms):


After replacing the changeable head, you are now ready to fill your EVOD with e-liquid.  We're using Virgin Vapor's Organic Strawberry Granita.


When filling the EVOD, you want to add e-liquid on all sides while avoiding the central tube:

Fill until e-liquid is just a bit below the top of the central tube.

Reattach the base of the EVOD:

Attach you EVOD to a charged battery.  The EVOD works on any 510 threaded battery including all of the batteries in our designer battery collections.  Below the EVOD is pictured with on of our engraved geometric steel batteries in blue.

You're now ready to vape!

Don't hesitate to contact us at: for help with any questions you might have!


by Annette Rogers


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