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Dark Side of the Moon & More Flavors! Engraved Geometric & Embossed Paisley - $24.99 4mg and 8mg - 25% off eGoV V-3 Batteries - 25% off 3-Pack Absolute Virgin e-Liquid Sampler - $13.50

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Virgin Vapor is now a member of AEMSA!

Our Deal of the Week features Organic Forbidden Fig e-Liquid and Juice E-Jewels stone drip tips. Forbidden Fig is a sweet and delicious vape, bursting with the taste of luscious, ripe figs! The Juice E-Jewels stone drip tips are a Virgin Vapor exclusive, you won't find them anywhere else! Carved from genuine semiprecious stones and available in Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Sandstone, Obsidian, Tiger's Eye, Jade, and Opalite.

We switch our Deal of the Week to another set of items every week so don't miss your opportunity to pick up these products at a great discount!

We work hard to create the best, purest e-liquid available and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy our wide range of organic flavors! Please don't hesitate to contact us at: if we can be of help.

All the best,
Annette & Team Virgin Vapor

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"Virgin Vapor’s organic e-liquid flavors are potent, clean and exactly what I expect them to be. I do not know of any other e-liquid line that has this kind of consistency. I thank Virgin Vapor for what they do. In my researching 'organic e-liquids', Virgin Vapor is The ONLY company I have found that delivers anything remotely close to what Virgin Vapor does. Quality matters the very most to me in a time when quality seems to be all but lost. Virgin Vapor is a Class Act. From their flavors to their stellar customer service, speed in fulfillment and shipping…Virgin Vapor is the only e-liquid company for me. Thank you, Virgin Vapor!"

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Latest Blog Post

Three New Virgin Vapor Flavors

  Southern Exposure 

A provocative blend, a rich mix of tropical fruits, woody undertones, and mint. Truly -- "guaranteed to blow your skirt up!" This is an Absolute Virgin line and contains no organic ethyl alcohol. 

  Black Mamba

This is a Virgin Vapor line flavor with a very light, sweet, distinctive black licorice taste. A soft and velvety vape. Think you don't like black licorice? You will LOVE this vape!

    Cherry POP! 

Another Virgin Vapor line flavor. Only Virgin Vapor could improve on the original delicious flavor! Tastes just like cherry cola, complete with the fizz at the back of the mouth. Vapes just like the soda fountain favorite! 


We hope you enjoy these!

Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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