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**Important Note from Annette for all Virgin Vapor Customers**

Dear Virgin Vapor Customers,

I write you today with news that may disappoint some but is a positive and inevitable step Virgin Vapor must take in order to meet current and future regulatory requirements for all e­liquid manufacturers. Starting on January 15th, we will no longer be offering custom mixes. This includes customized and personal flavors, extra flavor shots, customized VG/PG mixes, or custom nicotine levels.

We are taking this step in order to be in compliance with the requirements of our AEMSA membership as well as to prepare for anticipated FDA regulations. Our principal scientist, Dr. Marc Foster, oversees the meticulous testing of every batch of Virgin Vapor e­liquid to ensure strict quality control and exact nicotine levels. It is not possible to individually test single bottles so we must discontinue these orders to remain in compliance with our AEMSA membership. We believe that with FDA regulations coming this year, all e­liquid manufacturers will soon be required to follow suit.

While we are immediately discontinuing all new custom orders, if you are a regular customer of Virgin Vapor and have ordered a custom flavor from us in the past, we don’t want to leave you hanging. Please contact our customer service agents and we’ll work with you to create a final, private stash of your favorite custom mix from us. These special orders for our regulars will be available by arrangement for the next 30 days only.

We thank all of our loyal customers for the fun, creative and sometimes outrageous concoctions they have asked us to create for them! We will continue to work hard to bring new, innovative and delicious flavors to you and, as always, we welcome your suggestions and ideas!

All the best,
Annette & Team Virgin Vapor

Virgin Vapor Is Proud To Be A Member Of AEMSA

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"I suppose I'm still of a bit of a newbie ( having only started vaping in June 2014 ) but in that time I've tried one hell of a lot of different flavours and concoctions from different manufacturers. What I've found is that no matter what I try, I keep coming back to Virgin Vapor. There's a depth of flavour and vapour production that is sorely lacking in just about every other make I've tried. My favourites? As a stand alone and a constant companion, Best Damn Tobacco. It honestly knocks all other tobacco flavours I've tried into a cocked hat! When I fancy something different it's Blue Violet and Bed of Roses. There are others but it would take too long to go through them...THANK YOU!"

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Links to good vaping articles

A good Op-Ed piece from the New York Times, calling for "interim safety guidelines" for vaping products. 
Will the F.D.A. Kill Off E-Cigs?
"The [FDA] should start by focusing on a few basic steps. It should outline basic good-manufacturing practices... and require manufacturers to ensure that all batches of chemicals are traceable and that all sources of hardware are known..."

And, an interesting article on the recent debate over formaldehyde present in vapor:
Verified: Formaldehyde levels found in the NEJM study associated with dry puff conditions...
"...It is very important to identify which atomizer was used and what energy levels (watts) were applied to the atomizer in order to understand whether the findings were associated with overheating..."

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